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Invest and Enjoy life :-)

We do the rest !


Smart Choice Hotels offers you a UNIQUE opportunity to invest in a safe project guaranteeing a very high occupancy rate and which will solve major reception problems in places of passage lacking affordable infrastructure.

Smart Choice hotels offer a very interesting scalable solution to invest in a product of great need; affordable, clean and comfortable hotel rooms.

By investing in Smart Choice Hotels, you will have a better return compared to real estate investment.
One of the main benefits is that you will have no hassle managing your property as we do it for you through a top notch Swiss management company based in Geneva.

You will own your business in a growing market!

> Invest in a product which depends on the market

> Become an entrepreneur

> Your business will be managed by an agency representing you.

> Problems with clients will effect you directly

> No flexibility in investment amount

> Just pay and hope things will go well !

> Invest in a profitable business in an imergent market

> Become an entrepreneur and grow according to your needs

> Your business will be managed by professionals 

> No headache with the clients

> Flexibility in Investing from 100'000 USD up to ....

> Just invest and relax :-)

Smart Choice Hotels Smart
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